Candy Tolentino
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Candy Tolentino

Author, speaker, Success Coach, Entrepreneur, Mother, Travel Passionista.  


Candy Tolentino knows what it’s like to turn a dream into reality. Without experience, training, contacts, or bank funding, she launched Earth Cafe Living Foods Inc., which gained nationwide attention and became extremely successful within its first 6 months of operation. Sold out stores followed, celebrity support, media and critics’ awards, accolades... all came quickly without the use of paid advertising. 

Then Candy turned 40, and everything seemed to change. Her mother had been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, and died within a year. Her marriage was ending in divorce. Her son, though brilliant and saccharine cute, was also an extremely difficult baby and toddler. To top it off, she had been painfully betrayed by a trusted business associate, and her once-thriving company was on life support and ready to shut down. 

Candy had to learn some of life's toughest lessons really quickly - like how to start over after  “losing everything”. Within a year, she picked herself up, regained financial freedom, better health, created meaningful relationships, and found true inner joy. Her up-coming book “How to Win the Game of Life After 40” chronicles this journey, and shares what she learned from her experience, as well as from interviews with other trailblazing women over 40 who "rose from the ashes” and went on to build empires, or simply live life doing what they absolutely love. 

You can find Candy now traveling the world hosting spiritual retreats and business seminars teaching others how to perfect their gifts and talents into thriving businesses and more importantly, thriving lives. 

* Candy and her companies have been featured on Fox News, The Washington Post, HuffPost Weddings, The OC Register, Vegetarian Times, VegNews Magazine,, The Cooking Channel, The Food Network,,, and, to name a few.