"Candy’s help when I needed it most was like the sun shining through the clouds, and was immensely helpful. Ironically, her advice was more to the point, and more effective, than any other advice or help I received. She was insightful, honest, caring, illuminating”. Highly recommend her book, her retreats, and her strategies".

/  Dr. Robert Gerard, san Diego, ca  /


I have been a little nervous about turning 40 (I am currently 39). However after reading Candy's book, I feel like I have a whole new lease on life- like I can do anything. There's still so much in my life I wish to accomplish, and now, instead of feeling like it's too late for me, or it's just too much, I feel I know exactly the tools to get me to anywhere I want to be. This is powerful. "

/  Vanessa araiza, temecula, ca  /


Most self-help books talk about interesting concepts, but then I finish reading them, and my life is exactly the same. Not this one! The practices in the book make me feel like I have a roadmap, and a direction, and there's no where to go but up!

/  Renee danforth, boise id  /


Read the book. Absolutely loved it. Feel I can do anything. Thanks! 

/  Lindsay Pacifica, brooklyn, NY /


"Just saw the price for your retreat. So inexpensive! I've never seen another retreat offering so much in this price range. I have a friend that does retreats for $5,000 and another for $10,000 per person! Yet yours is all about personal attention and personal transformation. Well done". 

/  Thomas Brown, salt lake city, ut  /


"Thank you for showing me around Bali, the island of the gods. I highly recommend one of your retreats if it's anything like just spending some time with you in Bali! I had the most magnificent time, and even with your busy schedule, I instantly felt I'd made a life-long friend. I never would have discovered so many treasures without you! Meeting you there absolutely made my trip!" 

/  kelly benson, perth, australia  /